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8th August, 2015 | Shanghai
"If a Wish Could Be Made: Teresa Teng 20 Years Anniversary Memorial Concert in 3D"
successfully held in Shanghai

Taiwanese pop diva Teresa Teng performed Asia's second virtual concert, "If a Wish Could Be Made: Teresa Teng 20 Years Anniversary Memorial Concert in 3D", was successfully held at the Shanghai Stadium on 8th August, 2015. Developed by Digital Domain’s MOVA technology, Ms. Teng was returned on the stage, enthralled her fans which she performed a number of duets with singer Fei Yuqing.

25th July, 2015 | Shanghai
Digital Domain Join Forces With Letv Sports To Offer The Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience
China’s First Major Sporting Event to be Streamed Live in 360 Degrees at International Challenge Cup

Digital Domain has teamed with China’s leading digital sports broadcaster, Letv Sports, to broadcast the 2015 International Champions Cup (ICC) China in a record-breaking 360-degree virtual reality livestream provided by IM360. The event features premier European clubs including AC Milan, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, who go head to head in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai on July 25th, 27th, and 30th, which is the first major sporting event to be aired live via immersive video in China.

9th May, 2015 | Taipei
Late Taiwanese Pop Star Teresa Teng Wows 7,000 Concert Goers at Asia's first virtual concert
Digital Domain’s Ground-Breaking Virtual Human Technology is also filmed for the first time with IM360 Cameras

Thanks to the cutting-edge Virtual Human technologies from Digital Domain, Taiwanese pop diva Teresa Teng performed Asia's first virtual concert, "If a Wish Could Be Made: Teresa Teng 20 Years Anniversary Memorial Concert in 3D", thrilled 7,000 audience for over two hours at the Taipei Arena.

In the industry and Greater China first, Digital Domain shot the virtual human concert with their patented 360-degree camera technology from IM360. The technology allows the full 360-degree environment to be shot from multiple angles, enabling the viewing public who couldn’t be there in person to experience the event.”

23 February 2015 | Bloomberg - HK’s Digital Domain Nominated for Oscar:

Digital Domain CEO Daniel Seah discusses his company being nominated for an Oscar for their work on the movie “X-men: days of Future Past.”

He speaks to Bloomberg’s Angie Lau on “First Up.”

20 February 2015 | CNN - How CGI technology is Advancing in Hollywood:

Digital Domain VFX Supervisor Interviewed

20 February 2015 | NBC, Los Angeles - "Daddy's Been Nominated For an Oscar":

Visual Effects House Celebrates Despite Industry Troubles - "X-Men: Days of Future Past Visual Effects Supervisor, Lou Pecora interviewed about the Oscar nomination.

Digital Domain 3.0, Inc. deploys its avant-garde digital human technology by applying 3D technology to showcase the digitally humanized animation of superstars in front of the audience.

Debut in Asia: The Opus Jay 2013 World Tour (Taipei – 6-8 September, 2013 and Hong Kong – 13-17 & 19-22 September 2013)

Digital Domain 3.0, Inc., Jay Chou and the Teresa Teng Foundation worked together to showcase the reappearance of the late songbird, Teresa Teng, out of the memory of the audience. This was made possible by fusing Digital Domain’s avant-garde “Virtual Image Reconstruction Technology” and the traditional projection technology. Teresa Teng traversed time and space to perform with Jay Chou onstage by singing her classic song of “How Do You Say?(你怎麼說)”. She also performed with Jay Chou in singing his “Love in the Mundane World(紅塵客棧)” and “Beyond a Thousand Miles(千里之外)”. The effect was so enchanting that brought the audience into hysterical scream of excitement.

Mr. Daniel Seah (CEO of Digital Domain 3.0, Inc.) said, “The huge, positive response to “Virtual Teresa Teng” in Taiwan demonstrates the global appeal of this type of entertainment. We are honored to have had the opportunity to apply Digital Domain’s creative leadership to honour an artist as beloved as Teresa Teng and look forward to bringing new experiences of iconic performers to fans all over the world.”