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Chairman’s Statement

The Board of Directors has all along endeavored to look for diversified investment opportunities and steered the Group for long term yet sustainable development in order to reward our shareholders and investors with greater benefit as our core value.

As a listed company in Hong Kong with a steadfast foundation, our acquisition of Digital Domain 3.0 Group in the US, has brought to the Group a new milestone.

After our foray into the new media entertainment domain as our core business, we have introduced the leading VFX technology from Hollywood and co-produced and co-invested in movies, which spans the high growth media and film markets in China as well as the global arena, thus enabling the Group to take on a vital role in the industry.

As our first strategic move, Digital Domain 3.0 Group has established a strategic alliance in China to promote the avant-garde VFX production technology to the market. Hence, by leveraging on this alliance, we will strive to develop our applications in various industries and to actively explore other business opportunities for a greater height in our business performance.